Yin / Yang Style

Aktualisiert: 8. Nov. 2021

The terms and concepts of Yin and Yang come from Taoist philosophy. There are different qualities and attributions for Yin and Yang, which stand opposite and in balance with each other. The qualities of Yang are associated with light, hot, moving, exposed, upward, excited and masculine.

For Yin; hidden, dark, cold, still, downward, calm, and feminine. Specifically relating these concepts to the physical body, muscle tissue is Yang, and connective tissue is Yin.

In a Yang practice of Yoga there is typically a lot of focus on muscles and rhythmic movements, such as Power and Ashtanga yoga- moving, hot, exposed, fast!

Whereas a Yin Yogic practice focuses on ligaments and fascia, with a slower pace and longer holds in the postures. This slower rhythm allows the time needed for these more stiff and inelastic connective tissue to stretch out.

Our culture is dominated by Yang; go! do! strengthen! put yourself out there! produce! results! Energy!

That's why a Yin practice is so revolutionary at this time in history, to be. calm. peace. stillness. It's a balance, and in general the Yin qualities and approach in most people's lives is at a deficit. That's why Yin yoga is good practice for everyone; athletes, yoga-stars, moms, teenagers, and couch-potatoes.

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