What is Yoga and why should we do it regularly?

Yoga is an ancient practice and spiritual discipline that dates to pre-Vedic times (2700 B.C.) according to the National Institute of Yoga in India. The true word of ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit root words of ‘Yuj’ and ‘Yujir’, which finds translations to the meanings of yoking, joining and connection.

In early Yoga scriptures these terms are referenced in finding consciousness and alignment between oneself (body, breath, and mind), nature and the larger Universal powers of consciousness and energy. As this practice originated thousands of years ago with roots in the Himalayas of India, yoga has also evolved overtime through the adoption and translation of the practice to many different cultures.

With its evolution, Yoga has been interpreted throughout the years, developing into the emergence of numerous styles and versions. Some well-known styles of yoga that we provide at LoveYoga Studio are as follows; Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative (Holistic), Vinyasa and Yin/Yang style.

The practice of yoga is towards finding unison between the body and mind and can aid in bringing more awareness to the present moment. Practicing yoga regularly can help to find alignment and balance within the body, energy centers (chakras) and minds of individuals. This spiritual practice and journey through yoga focuses on breathing and breathwork, along with meditation and physical movements or postures known as asanas.

Yoga as a practice provides individuals with the opportunity to go inward, reflect and truly connect with oneself through breath and movement.

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