Fitness and Yoga, why they go hand in hand

In modern times, fitness has become an incorporated part of one's yoga practice and in the west, it has been adapted into many of the styles yoga teachers choose to teach or focused classes in which they create. While for some this is a bit of a hard pill to swallow and find criticism in the way yoga has become less of a spiritual practice for many, but more of a fitness. I am not here to discuss this yet, however here to explain why yoga and fitness go hand in hand for not only a better fitness routine but also a better experience in your yoga classes.

There are many reasons why one would add yoga to their fitness routine. Some of these reasons are increased flexibility and mobility, helping to build muscle strength, improve better posture which decreases back pain, and improve sleep among many other reasons. When having a daily fitness routine, one can often forget to stretch when this is an important component to any fitness routine. Not only this but oftentimes in one's fitness routine they are going for a specific target for example weight loss or gain, yet forget to work with many important parts of the body and instead focusing on just a few key aspects. Yoga utilizes and works out muscles and joints one many times does not realize they even have or otherwise neglect. Like stated previously, yoga promotes a healthy posture and therefore can help things like back pain which is also a result from over or incorrect weight lifting.

But, why would one who practices only yoga benefit from adding a fitness routine to their daily practice? There are many answers to this question and quite a few of them are contingent on not only what the yogi’s purpose for practicing yoga is but also their life goals for their fitness and their health.

If a yogi’s daily practice only consists of a slow flow, it would be the most beneficial to add an aerobic exercise to the daily routine, for example biking, swimming or walking. These types of exercises pump up the heart rate and improve circulation as well as a great dopamine booster, creating for better mental health. A slow flow can help with flexibility, core strength and of course mood, but does not get the heart rate flowing in the same way as a more exerting flow or another fitness routine. By doing both, they are only creating a perfect marriage that will give you a better life quality and

I am not stating that one is better than the other, but rather to say that when combined you get the best of all aspects. You will see results not only in physical health and well being but your mental health will also see a surge in production of the happy chemicals. I believe we all can benefit from a healthy extra dose of happy chemicals, no?

With all this information stated, it is no wonder that so many teachers are adding fitness based routines into their classes. You will find all sorts of alternative styles of yoga that add different styles of dance for example, ballet or hip hop to their classes. This creates something fresh, fun and overall very beneficial to the body!

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