About the A/B/C/D Levels and what to expect

A / B / C = all levels

A = beginner

B = intermediate

C = advanced

D = Master Classes

Which level is suitable for me?

Love Yoga Studio has your best interest in mind and we want you to benefit from our classes as much as possible. If you are unsure which level is right for you, use this guide.

So how far are you on your yoga journey?

Always remember: if you have serious health problems or are over 65 consult your doctor before beginning yoga practice or embark on any other exercise program.

Level A - beginner

You have had none or little exposure to yoga. Beginner classes are slow-paced with a great level of detail, clear instructions and the focus on becoming familiar with basic yoga poses and the use of breath. Much emphasis is put on alignment and breaking down the postures. Students are often encouraged to practice preparatory steps before going into a pose and to repeat the learned asanas a few times to get more familiar with the movements. The use of props (blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters) is encouraged. The classes are also good for students who haven’t practiced for a long time and want to refresh their memory. The teacher demonstrates all the postures.

Level B - intermediate

You have a good understanding of the basic yoga asanas, you have practiced for some time and begun to explore a wider variety of poses and styles. You are comfortable with trying new or more difficult asanas, you are familiar with the connection of breath with movement, simple breathing techniques and meditation. And maybe you are starting to recognize Sanskrit names of asanas :) The teacher demonstrates all the postures and the use of props.

Level C - advanced

These classes are designed for more experienced students who have a good understanding of yoga asanas, body movement, breathing techniques and meditation. You practice yoga regularly, know your limitations and go into positions consciously. You know which yoga props are good for you and don’t need a teacher's help with that. You want to learn more advanced poses and get to know also yoga philosophy, more advanced meditation & breathing techniques.

Level D - Master Classes

These classes are designed for very advanced practitioners, yoga teachers and other movement instructors who are interested in gaining more knowledge on a specific topic.

A / B / C = All Levels

Come as you are! These classes have all levels in mind, starting from beginners to advanced students. The teachers offer modifications and options for each level so you go as far in your practice as you feel comfortable. The teachers use a lot of verbal cues and clear instructions so no one feels left out. Poses are demonstrated and the use of props is encouraged. Be you, do as much as you can! The teacher is just a guide here.

If you are still unsure which level to choose, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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